We are able to render consulting and technical services to existing and up and coming farmers. We provide both Conventional and organic crop production (field, vegetable, forage and industrial) production systems. Our consultants can assist farmers throughout the process of establishing a commercial farm from determining the agricultural potential and choosing the type of crop to cultivate right through to the marketing of their agricultural produce.

Our services :

Integrated Land Use Planning

Agricultural Potential Assessment

Farm Development Plans

Business Plan development

Crop and livestock production plans

Cost Benefit Analysis and Marketing

Socio-Economic Analysis

Skills Development and Training

Geographical Information Service (GIS) technology has become an essential tool for any planning or decision making that involves geographical data namely:

Spatial distribution maps,

Locality maps,

Layout maps,

Ecological sensitivity maps,

Heritage resource maps,

Geological maps

Agriculture and

Land use maps.

Bophelo go the extra mile to ensure that our custom made maps to meet our clients' needs. Our maps are produced to a high cartographic standard and can be supplied in all sizes (from A0 all the way through to A5) in both printed and digital format. We work closely with our clients to ensure that all maps are accurate and fully meet their needs.

The following projects types usually requires the assessment of the geo-technical character of a site such as water and transport infrastructure, commercial and tourism related development, buildings, pavement and road investigations and design, slope stabilization works and residential developments.

Engineering geologists are also involved with other environmentally sensitive developments that need specialized investigations, such as recommendations regarding the development of service stations and buried fuel tanks, identification of new cemetery sites, landfill sites and also sewage treatment works.

Our Services:

Regional Engineering Geological Investigations

Engineering Geological Investigations (Industrial, Residential, Commercial Developments)

Centre-line Investigations (roads and pipelines)

Classification of land in terms of the site classification system of the National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC)

Geo-Environmental Investigations (Cemeteries; Filling stations; Solid Waste Disposal Sites, Sewerage Treatment Systems – Municipal and Private)

Environmental Risk Assessments (Cemeteries)

Hydro-Geological Investigations

Dolomite Stability Investigations

Supporting services Include:

Soil Profiling, Sampling and Analysis;

DCP Tests

The following main services are provided by the relevant environmental legislation of South Africa:

National Environmental Management Act (NEMA)

Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA`s)

Basic Assessments (BA`s)

Environmental Management and Monitoring Programmes (EMP`s)

Section 24G applications

Rehabilitation Plans

Environmental Audits and Compliance Monitoring

National Environmental Management Waste Act (NEM:WA)

Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA`s)

Basic Assessments (BA`s)

Environmental Management and Monitoring Programmes (EMP`s)

Environmental Risk Assessment

Integrated Waste Management Plans

National Water Act (NWA)

Water Use License Applications (WULA)

General Authorization (GA) and Registration,

Water Transfer Applications;

Water Rights Verification.

Minerals and Petroleum Resource Development Act (MPRDA)

Mining Right Applications,

Mining Permits

Environmental Risk Assessments

Rehabilitation Plans

Prospecting Permits

Closure Plans

Social and Labour Plans

The following supporting specialist studies is also provided by Bophelo Environmental Consultants:


Ecological flora and fauna habitat surveys that include investigations to the presence or absence of threatened species, threatened ecosystems and the state of biodiversity at a site.

Assessment and delineation of wetlands

Wetland Rehabilitation Plans

Assessment of aquatic systems

Assessments of carrying capacity, ecological conditions and conservation value of agricultural, game-farming and eco-tourism destinations

Ecological monitoring of ecosystems pre- and post-development or application of environmental management actions

Remediation plans and actions in terms of reclamation, rehabilitation and restoration of impacted areas

Ecological Management Plans and Biodiversity Action Plans for the development sector, industries, companies in the agricultural sector and private conservation and eco-tourism enterprises

Environmental management systems, Environmental Management Frameworks and Environmental Management Plans for municipalities, municipal districts and for Provincial Governments

Determining bioregions and Bioregional Plans

Heritage and Archaeology

Phase 1 Heritage Impact Assessments

Phase 2 - Grave Relocations

Social Facilitation

Permit Applications